SAP Calculations

Thermal Heat Loss / Gain Calculations showing TER v DER

for submission to Local Authority Building Control

by an Accredited Surveyor

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The goverment, on 6th April 2006, rushed through new legislation requiring all new dwellings to comply with the SAP 2006 method of reducing carbon emmissions.

This has resulted in many Local Authorities either invalidating, rejecting or not even registering these projects until such time as the applicant / agent has submitted Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations showing details of the Target Emission Rate (TER) versus the Dwelling Emmission Rate (DER).

To be comparable for all properties, the SAP rating is adjusted to floor area, so that it is essentially independent of dwelling size. It takes into account the following range of factors, which contribute to energy consumption:

  • Thermal insulation of the building fabric.

  • Efficiency and control of the heating system.

  • Ventilation characteristics of the dwelling

  • Solar gain characteristics of the dwelling

  • The fuel used for space and water heating

and to cap it all

they now require you to provide an

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

on completion of your project

Why come to me ?
I am a Building Control Officer with a Local Authority and know what you need in order to gain approval / compliance.

I am also a registered and accredited SAP assessor able to produce EPC's

Unfortunately, if you need these calculations for a property in Pembrokeshire, I will not be able to do them for you, however, I can pass on your details to those who can.